Video Tutorials

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CloudesireVideo Tutorials

Here you’ll find a list of video-tutorials showing the Cloudesire platform features. New videos will be added every day, stay tuned!

How to navigate the marketplace

How to browse applications: categories, tags and keywords

Product customization

Trial activations and payments

How to access and launch applications

Customer dashboard

Search engine optimization for applications

Ratings and reviews

Onboarding of syndicated applications

Onboarding of deployed applications

How to enable cloud providers during the onboarding of deployed applications

Custom metrics for syndicated applications

Custom metrics for deployed applications

Multilingual interface & product page

Configuration parameters

Product plans: general info and configurations

Product plans: pricing

Product plans: metrics' prices

Extra resources


Vendor dashboard

Monitoring of deployed applications and iaas resources

Marketplace customization


Resellers management: sell-in and sell-out prices

Resellers management: how to place orders