CloudesirePosts Trying to Become a Microsoft CSP? 3 Things You Should Consider

Trying to Become a Microsoft CSP? 3 Things You Should Consider

The tech world keeps changing every day with new advancements and features revolutionizing how we use the internet and how we carry our lives and our businesses. And while the internet is made up of billions of users all over the world, we all know that there are a few giant companies that are responsible for some of the biggest changes and advancements.

One of these giants, Microsoft, keeps introducing programs that can help businesses grow like never before. One of these programs is Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider). Through this program, you can become a reseller of some of the Microsoft’s top products and services such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Windows.

Becoming a Microsoft CSP would be a great step for your future growth. Not only do you get to can you stand out from the crowd by offering your end users top services and apps from a top provider, but you can also generate a new revenue stream without a major investment.  Moreover, entering the CSP program isn’t just great for capitalizing on your existing customer base, but also for easily attracting new slices of customers.

Isn’t that a win-win situation for you, your business and its growth? Of course it is!

But this doesn’t mean you should jump into this head first. Any solid business decision has to be based on a wealth of information.

This is what you need to know before becoming a Microsoft CSP:

     1. The Time to Act Is Now

It has been four years since Microsoft launched this program. However, given the restrictions it initially had, very few companies have opted for this. And there are few companies that have a long-standing reputation in this field.

But things won’t be like this for too long, also given the new strategy that the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella is delivering. A lot of players in the cloud industry have begun to realize the advantages of being a Microsoft CSP, so the competition is bound to become cutthroat quite soon.

Your advantage? Acting fast and making sure you offer the best bundles and extra services.

      2. You Have to Choose Your Countries Wisely

As a Microsoft CSP reseller, you can technically operate in any of the 130+ authorized countries. But not in all of them at once.


It is not because Microsoft wants to limit your sales, but the variation in currency, taxes and rules for data residency and a few other factors stop Microsoft from allowing one CSP reseller to sell its services in more than one country at once.

However, you can operate in as many countries as you wish if you register as a CSP partner from each of them.


      3. Go for a Turnkey Solution Provider

Becoming a Microsoft CSP reseller guarantees a great revenue for your company, but you can increase your profits even more if you play a little smarter than other CSP resellers in the industry. Every reseller can sell products like Windows, Microsoft Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics.


But, with a turnkey solution provider like Cloudesire, through our Cloud4CSP, you can go beyond the pure distribution of these “few” Microsoft best sellers toward Azure IaaS, bundling more apps and services with these Microsoft products and ensure an even better revenue without doing much of an effort. Yes, we are referring to the 6.000+ third party products (and counting) that Microsoft is making available, off the shelf, for being distributed (and sold) through Azure or Azure Stack. And the pricing model is irrelevant: whether it’s free (like WordPress), BYOL, or pay-as-you-go, you can monetise the IaaS in this case, together with your services to enrich your value proposition in order to stand out from the crowd of CSP dealers that are only providing Microsoft licenses.


In addition to this, Cloud4CSP makes billing, provisioning and on-boarding a breeze, so that you can comfortably focus on increasing the sales and closing more deals.

Just the advantage you needed in a highly-competitive market!