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Cloudesire puts a turnkey marketplace solution at your fingertips. Without any hassle or major investment, you can start capitalizing on your customer base using cutting-edge technology.
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Are you a publisher or a media company?

Cloudesire puts a turnkey marketplace solution at your fingertips. Without any hassle or major investment, you can start capitalizing on your customer base using cutting-edge technology. Deliver the solutions that your customers have been waiting for and generate new streams of revenue right now!


Not enough time or cash to build your marketplace in-house from scratch?
Want to launch your business FAST?
Want to capitalise your customer base at a fraction of the usual cost?
Want to reduce overhead?

If any of the above questions sound like you, read on! You’re about to find out how to start monetizing your customer base and generate new streams of revenue in just a few days and with a minimal investment.


From discovery to post sales, Cloudesire empowers you to be the one-stop-shop your customers are looking for. Your customers no longer need to sift through tons of irrelevant and cluttered referral listings. You can empower them with the community and the tools to discover and buy the perfect solution for their needs in one single place: your very own marketplace.

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Getting Started with Cloudesire

Got an awesome business plan, but you’re afraid that it will become obsolete by the time you implement it? It doesn’t have to be this way!


At Cloudesire, we understand that time-to-market is crucial. When you work with us you get:

Your very own marketplace that’s ready to use and monetize in hours! Forget about expensive development teams and unending technical specs to implement. Replace them with a turnkey, entirely customizable solution by Cloudesire.

Cutting-edge technology without having to know how to work with it. You don’t have to be a CIO or a developer to work with Cloudesire. Our solution is plug-and-play — anyone with basic tech skills can use it.

Product-market fit and demand generation tactics to help you generate ROI almost instantly. Our advanced marketing tactics help you monetize your new marketplace quickly and with a minimal investment. The combined power of technology and marketing expertise is the leverage you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

A solid product base to build on. Offer relevant digital assets from day one without having to chase vendors on your own. The best apps and services are already part of our catalog.

Learn more about the advantages of the Cloudesire marketplace solution.

Smart Search Tools for Personalized Results

Give the Gift of Relevance

Our smart search engine will help customers find exactly what they are looking for. Whether they are simply browsing for apps related to their industry or looking for a specific function or service, they will get the most relevant results. Plus, they can use the comparison tool to choose the best solution in case multiple results are returned.

Customers can use advanced filters like attributes, categories and others to drill into each product type.

Sorting by various attributes (price, ratings, popularity and more), customers can easily find the product that serves their needs best.

The comparison tool offers a wide range of metrics (features, price and more) to help customers choose between similar products.

Decision-Making Just Got Much Easier

The intuitive store fronts help customers learn the most important features and attributes at a glance. No more wasting time sifting through tons of poorly organized documentation!

All the crucial information about the service and how it can help them is available in the overview section and so are the reviews and ratings. If they need to learn more before buying, they can always take a look at videos and screenshots.

It takes mere seconds for the customers to take a look at the benefits of an app or service. Drilling down into each area for extra details is also incredibly easy.

You can easily connect with customers and answer their questions on the Q&A forum. Plus, customers can use the search function to find out if their question has already been asked and answered.

Customers can easily find out how support works and whom to contact for any information.

Webinars, white papers, videos and technical documentation can be added by vendors for customers who want to dig deep into a certain app.

Pricing options and special offers, as well as comparisons between various plans are also available for all customers and shoppers to help them make the best decision.

No time for a free trial? No problem! Customers can watch demos to see the product in action before they commit to it.

Allow Your Customer to Benefit from the Experience of Their Peers

The unbiased reviews and honest ratings help customers make informed decisions. Plus, they can always join the community and ask questions or join conversations about the apps they are considering.

The product rating option on a scale of 1 to 5 allows customers to easily view the average rating of a product right from the results page.

Not sure what a reviewer meant? Customers can always comment on others’ reviews to ask for clarifications or express their agreement/disagreement.

All registered users can read and write reviews. Better yet, they can choose between a short review and a long-form one in which they go in-depth about their experience. All vendors are immediately notified about all the reviews their products receive.

Tailor-Made Apps, Services and Digital Assets Recommendations for Every Customer

You can easily recommend digital assets that suit your customers’ needs best. They can trial or purchase them within moments from their registration. Plus, they can easily share them with their colleagues and deploy them across their organization.

Based on the customer’s registration profile, the Cloudesire recommendation engine can make relevant app suggestions. This way, we take all the search and discovery work off the table for your customers.

All the recommended apps and services  can be easily browsed and reviewed by features, ratings, pricing and more. New apps can be added to the account with a single click.