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The turnkey solution you’ve been waiting for – Cloudesire offers you more than technology. With the help of our reliable partners, you can benefit from advisory and tailor-made performance marketing to launch a complete marketplace program.
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The turnkey solution you’ve been waiting for – Cloudesire offers you more than technology. With the help of our reliable partners, you can benefit from advisory and tailor-made performance marketing to launch a complete marketplace program.

Our roadmap, your success! Take advantage of our cross-industry expertise and tools to boost your sales and your brand awareness quickly and efficiently.

An Unbeatable Marketing Strategy

Every successful endeavor starts with the right strategy. At Cloudesire, you have all the support and expertise you need to make yours a smashing success.


We take your goals, match them with your customers’ needs and help you implement the right marketing strategy for your offering – no matter if built on your core portfolio or through partners’ services. Thanks to our in-depth analytics, keeping up with your KPIs and benchmarks will be a breeze.


The same goes for market fit. Unsure whether your offer fits a certain slice of customer base? We’re here to help you make sure that you don’t waste time and money targeting the wrong people, with the wrong offering, through the wrong channel.

The Right Technology for Continuous Improvement

Our state-of-the-art analytics tool can tell you exactly what works and what doesn’t. This way, you never waste money on under-performing tactics and you know exactly how to approach each customer. Plus, no KPI or benchmark will be left unanalyzed.


More importantly, our cloud analytics tool gives you an insight into customer needs and wants. Which payment methods work best? What product bundle appeals to what category of buyers? How can you improve your storefront? – these are just a few questions that can be answered through our powerful analytics tool.

All the Demand Generation Tactics and Strategies You Need

Innovators like yourself can market their products to people who already need them. In this case, your task is to find the right people and match them with the right product.

But what about those who don’t yet know they need your product? We can help you educate them. In other words, generate demand for your products.

Show people they need your services and that their business can profit greatly from investing in them.

How to do that if you’re not a marketer?

No problem! We are!

Or, better said, our partners are.

In order to deliver you a truly turnkey product, we have partnered with marketing experts to help us and you find the ideal product-market fit and then come up with the best demand generation strategies. Our partners have extensive experience in the SaaS and cloud markets and are ready to share their expertise with you.

Our double funnel approach will allow you to find a solution for the chicken and egg dilemma: what came first, the supply or the demand? We analyze both ends and find out the common sweet spot – the one that can bring you sales and loyal customers.


We employ advanced inbound and outbound marketing tactics like gated content, targeted content and customer delight strategies.  This way, we don’t just help you get customers, but also keep them happy and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.


Plus, we track performance and employ traffic generation strategies that bring your products in front of qualified leads. Thanks to our marketing programs, every cent spent on ads is invested in highly targeted delivery methods – we don’t target people, we target the right people for you.


Ready to become a major player in the cloud industry? Become a Cloudesire partner right now and you’ll be on the right track for it!

Data driven decision

Don’t get buried in tons of irrelevant data. Cloudesire allows you to customize reports and get the data that matters to your business. Churn rate, NPS and CSAT are the top metrics that allow you to see how your products are performing.

You can gain valuable insights that drive better campaigns and help you understand what your customers love and what they hate. In a nutshell, Cloud4Billing can help you stay competitive and profitable.

Our Turnkey Platform, Your Strategy

It’s never been easier or more flexible to launch your own marketplace and monetize it. Bundling products together comes with the possibility of a huge market share.

If you know exactly what your customers want, we’re here to support you deliver just that.

Launch your marketplace with Cloudesire and decide whether you want to sell your own products or products that are already on the market.

Choose either of them or combine them and find the perfect way to position your product in relation to existing ones — the decision is entirely yours.

Your Very Own Branded Store

Give your customers the store they’ve been waiting for. With Cloudesire, you can seamlessly deliver a personalized shopping experience for each of your customers.

Benefits, features, reviews, honest, unbiased customer ratings – all are available at a glance. Cloudesire also offers you a sturdy recommendation engine to suggest the ideal mix of services for any client. Your customers can instantly try the apps suggested, enjoy free trials and demo sessions.

Our integrated multi-level customer support is designed to delight every tech buyer in your marketplace. Your customers can also benefit from discussing their next buy with peers on the integrated forum.

Increase Your Revenue through Partner Products

Our state-of-the-art development center makes inviting and onboarding developers a breeze.

The developers can easily manage their own storefront and showcase their products to your customers. The onboarding process can take as little as an hour. As soon as they have been onboarded, developers can use the CMS to manage any number of products and versions, as well as pricing.

The reporting and insights are also automated, which means developers get more time to do what they do best – develop new awesome products. Better yet, payments, invoicing and customer relationship management are also a breeze to manage.

Cloud4Market is a hub that takes care of all the needs of developers, sellers and resellers. Integration testing and management, product sandbox, status reports and event logs are all available at a glance.

Boost SaaS Revenue by Deploying the Latest Technology

Our marketplace manager puts you 100% in charge of the product catalog. With a few clicks, you can define your product categories, merchandising strategies and product placement. It’s just as easy to sell your own products or to resell other products in Cloudesire and boost your revenue with minimal effort.

Forget about high-cost back office work. Marketing, customer service and billing are all automated and can be easily managed by a single person.

Use our big data-powered business analytics to understand what works and what doesn’t and which are your biggest revenue drivers. Then tweak your strategies to gain the right customers’ attention or let go of underperforming products. Promote your products differently to test what works best: “Featured”, “Staff Picks” and “Popular” are just a few of the categories you can use.

Application Lifecycle Management Made Easier than Ever

Want to get paid with 0 effort on your part?

Cloudesire makes it possible!

Your customers can forget about tens of passwords and individual websites for each app they use. Welcome them to the future – the place where all they need is one password for one website, your marketplace.

Customers can manage all their web-based business applications in a single store: yours. At the same time, billing can be automated and so can customer collaboration, adding team members, support and so much more.

As for you, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy your increasing ROI. While customers manage and customize their own bills and purchases, Cloudesire transfers the funds in your merchant account without you lifting a finger.

It’s never been easier to get paid!