Sell virtual machines, Kubernetes tenants, or full virtual data center to you internal or external customers with ease.


EasyCloud is the new IaaS branch of the Cloudesire platform, enabling the capability to sell IaaS resources like public cloud providers usually do.


Sell virtual machines, Kubernetes tenants, or full virtual data centers to your internal or external customers with ease. Improve your capability to have real time, metering based billing of your infrastructure usage. Provide your customers the capability to keep cost control through their own private dashboard. Introduce a real pay per use mechanism into your IaaS approach.


Services cloudification is an unavoidable market trend. People like the cloud self-service approach improving time to market, transparency and business cost alignment with business needs. EasyCloud brings all those opportunities into your IaaS approach.


Why keep unused infrastructure in your data center ? Put it on the market through the EasyCloud modules and transform a cost into new business opportunities.

Meet EasyCloud


The IAAS Enabler you were looking for

The complexity of the IT infrastructure management is a pain and a cost that everybody would like to avoid. IT automation can support the IT staff effort reduction, but cannot support alone the business logic.


What about a tool that is combining in a convenient way the IT staff automation with the business automation?


The EasyCloud module is an add-on functionality of the Cloudesire platform addressing the “private cloud” market. Through this solution the IT infrastructure owner can enable a self service, automated approach, to the infrastructure billing and allocation.

Leveraging on the Cloudesire platform, the Easycloud module allows the creation of different services addressing different business models for both internal or external customers.


Through its native integration with OpenStack and VMware vCloud Director, the most used orchestration platforms on the market, the platform enables the capability to sell single virtual machines or a full dedicated virtual data center, including a virtual network infrastructure, virtual security appliances, etc.


At the same time another built-in integration with the OKD platform, enables the provisioning of dedicated Kubernetes tenants allowing container based solutions.


Innovate the way you sell the infrastructure, approach the cloud model.


EasyCloud is your turnkey business solution: you can automate sales, and the provisioning and invoicing of powerful IaaS cloud services.

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