Modernize your billing infrastructure and integrate new business lines seamlessly with Cloud4Billing. Forget about tedious back office work and step into the future.
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Modernize your billing infrastructure and integrate new business lines seamlessly with Cloud4Billing. Forget about tedious back office work and step into the future.


Countless clients with various needs and payment plans? No problem! You can give them all what they need with Cloud4Billing. You can easily manage multiple plans: free trials, recurring billing, metered usage, auto-renewals, couponing, bundling, and more. All in a single place and with just a few clicks.


Legacy support and billing systems can systematically erode your competitiveness. Today’s customers are looking for flexibility, endless customization options and user-friendliness in everything related to billing and payments. If your system is obsolete and can’t integrate numerous modern payment options, you stand to lose clients.

Meet Cloud4Billing, the innovative system that can modernize your billing infrastructure at affordable costs and with very little work. Cloud4Billing empowers you to reduce churn, increase revenue per user and boost your market gains.

How is all this possible?

It’s quite simple: we make no assumptions about how users should pay for the products or services they use. Thus, the payment and billing options we offer are virtually unlimited and highly customizable, both for you as a vendor and for your clients.


Unparalleled Scalability to be effective in the relational economy

Billing should enable innovation, not being a constraint anymore, and with Cloud4Billing that’s exactly what you get. Our cloud architecture makes scalability a breeze. When your business grows, your billing system grows at the same pace.

The same goes for your customers – they’re not interested in ownership of the product, they’re interested in the results your solution can bring. Cloud4Billing empowers you with all the tools you need to understand your customers better, deliver on-going value and build long-term loyalty.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Don’t get buried in tons of irrelevant data. Cloud4Billing allows you to customize reports and get the data that matters to your business. CAC, LTV, ARR, ARPU are the top metrics that allow you to see how your products are performing, in today’s relational economy — and Cloud4Billing provides you all the information you need to optimize each one of them.

You can gain valuable insights that drive better campaigns and help you understand what your customers love and what they hate. In a nutshell, Cloud4Billing can help you stay competitive and profitable.

Sit and Watch

Easily Meet Your Goals with Our Innovative and Adaptable Billing System

With Cloud4Billing, you can make billing configurations easily and 100% risk-free. You can use it create payment plans that include, but are not limited to:

One-time payment plans (charge customers only once)

Free plans (no money is transferred, but you can still store user data)

Weekly, monthly, or yearly plans – entirely customizable plans and discounts for any time frame

Tiered plans – the more you buy the less you pay

Couponing – limited time offers, price overriding, and several others

Free trials (start billing as soon as the free trial ends, or extend the grace period)

Onboarding fees (one-time payments when the client starts using and sets up a service)

Metered usage (your clients pay no upfront fee; they are charged at the end of the billing period or after having consumed a certain quota)

In-service purchases – upsell one-time services or metered or subscription upgrades, while the customer is using your service

Auto-renewals (set contract renewals and the subsequent payments on autopilot)

Upgrade and downgrade (clients can manage their own upgrades and downgrades)

Update billing information easily (clients can simply login and update credit card or other payment method information)

Any type of discount (add to any account – percentage, coupon code, flat fee and more)

In-app purchases (to upsell while your client is actively using the product or service)


Don’t get left behind by obsolete billing technology. Step into the future with Cloud4Billing!