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Marketing automation for business applications marketplaces

Marketing automation for business applications marketplaces

If you own a small marketplace, you might think that only big players like Amazon can use marketing automation. Or maybe, you believe that it requires too much effort and integrations.

Well, we have some good news for you: anyone can benefit from marketing automation!

The term marketing automation refers to the software that helps you to prioritize and execute marketing tasks in a more efficient way so that you can generate more revenues.

With marketing automation, you can target customers and send them content according to their behaviour (or step in the buyer’s journey), so that they get the content they need, when they need it. In this way, you support their decision process, increasing the chances of conversion.

According to Gartner, 68% of the Buying Process Involves Research and Interactions Independent From the Providers Being Considered. That does not mean you have 32% of the buyer’s time, but you have to engage your Lead at the right moment of the buyer’s journey.

Marketing automation is not simply about the automation of your current marketing process: it is about creating new streams of connection with your leads and customers. It is about sending targeted content to your leads, keep your customers engaged and make them want to use your service again and again.

You have probably heard about HubspotMarketo or Pardot: they are among the most popular marketing automation softwares. However, if you run a small marketplace you probably do not have enough resources (time, employees, money) to afford one of them.

But remember: today’s buyer is more independent. “I know who you are”, “I know your Company”, “I know your Services”, “I know what your company stands for”, “ I know your Customers”, “ I know your records and reputation”: your Buyers are always on, and they are more and more buying their own way – so you need to be top of mind during their buyer’s journey.

Email marketing is a very effective first step you can take to start exploring marketing automation.

At Cloudesire, we developed a beautiful integration with GetDrip, which allows you to send triggered emails to your leads and customers. Despite being easy to use, GetDrip is a very powerful tool that you can use to send drip emails that will help you to turn email contacts into customers.

5 examples of email marketing automation for your marketplace

One thing is for sure: once you start using email marketing automation and see its impact on conversions, you cannot stop creating automation flows. But what if you do not know where to start?

Here you are 5 ideas for the email marketing automation strategy of your business applications marketplace:

1-Trigger users that visit specific pages of your website

Create specific workflows for users that visit specific sections of your marketplace. For example, you could create a flow for users who visited the vendor section of your website and send them materials about collaborations or apps onboarding. Or you can create a flow for users who browsed two or three products of the same category and send them information about the products, comparisons or reviews.

2- Trigger users who do not complete the checkout

This is a typical situation for a marketplace: a potential customer does not complete the checkout section, therefore it does not become a buyer. Since you have already spent time and money to take the lead to that point, you should create a workflow to remind of the forgotten purchase and motivate to complete the transaction. You can send material about the product, use cases, reviews and maybe a discount coupon. (for more info about coupons, take a look at this article.)

3- Trigger users who complete the checkout

You might think that once a user becomes a customer your job is done and you can relax.

Nothing could be further from the truth. You need to nurture your customer, so send them content about the product, explain them advances features or ask for feedbacks. Do not let them forget about your marketplace and your service!

4- Re-engage inactive users

Reawake inactive users: send them a reminder or special offers when it’s been a while since they last engaged with your service. Your users are an important assent of your marketplace and adding them to your buyers costed you time and money, do not let this effort go waste!

5- Offer upsells

As mentioned above, you should not stop communicating with your customers after they make a purchase. You can create flows to upgrade or upsell your existing customers or sell them complementary products or services.
To sum up, marketing automation is a powerful ally to boost your marketplace sales. If you are still not ready to take the plunge, you can start with email marketing…but be prepared to manage great results!