Cloudesire enables you to save time and money, as well as answer to the ever-changing customer behavior effectively.

Need a reliable, end-to-end platform to effectively back your go-to-market strategy? Cloudesire enables you to save time and money, as well as answer to the ever-changing customer behavior.

Why Do You Need Such a Solution?

The more the competition grows in the telco industry, the better and more varied your offer needs to be. Clients are constantly looking for new products and services. Voice and data packages no longer cut it for telcos that want to remain competitive and profitable. Cloud solutions are the key to success.

Cloudesire - the Turnkey Solution for the Competitive Telecom Companies

What if you could be able to deliver all your cloud services to your clients seamlessly, with unified identity, payment management, billing, access and more? Cloudesire makes it possible.

Our integrative solution gives you the opportunity to improve the ROI of your infrastructure and client base. Cloudesire helps you accelerate your time-to-market and enables you to benefit from the most advanced cloud services at the same time.

Offer as many competitive services as you want, bundle them in any way you see fit and apply discounts anytime. Offer your end users digital blocks that you create and design together with your trusted partners in any way you see fit. Whatever your business model, Cloudesire is the turnkey solution that will help you digitalize your telecom business.

One Integration – Countless Leading Cloud Services

Forget about multiple sales points. With our solution, you can offer your clients top products like Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365 and the whole azure marketplace repository, Symantec and more in a single storefront. Plus, you can gain extra leverage and surpass your competitors by offering local champions and niche digital assets. Smooth onboarding and constant support will help you differentiate your offer and provide your end users with all the services and apps they need. Billing, access management and identity are also unified in a single place. Easier for your customers, more profitable for you.

Grow Your Average Revenue per User by Leveraging the Power of the Cloud

Cloudesire empowers you to cross-sell any recurring cloud service subscriptions and reduce your churn rate by bundling multiple software and service solutions. The result? A better retention rate and more revenue for you. Even more, you help your customers maximize the value of their cloud services by up-selling higher broadband speeds – just to give an example of upsell that successful clients are already putting in place.

Sell More with Your Comprehensive Industry-Leading Cloud Application Catalog

The success of any cloud initiative is given by its ability to cover all demographics. Stand out from the crowd by bundling best-of-breeds applications, local champions, and, if you want, even more than 6,000 apps from the CSP catalog (integration provided to all our clients) with other unique services of your choice.

All this can be done with a simple, one-time integration. Working with Cloudesire means that your cloud solutions management is unified and so are identity, payment management, billing, subscriptions, access and more.

Plus, our white label solution is designed to offer your clients exactly what they need: added value and ease of use. No more dealing with tens of vendors. All the cloud-based solutions they need are in a single marketplace – yours!

Get All the Help You Need

We encourage you to be autonomous and respect your decision-making right. But this doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own!

We are with you every step of the way to help you turn your cloud business into a smashing success. You will find all the resources you need in our Documentation Hub and you can also benefit from in-person consultations whenever you need them.

You can also benefit from our years of experience as well as from the knowledge of all our partners. We will always share with you the best practices that have demonstrated their success so you can accelerate your go-to-market time and drive revenue.