From brick and mortar to the cloud. Learn how to tap into a new stream of revenue, appeal to new customers and turn existing ones into loyal ambassadors.

From brick and mortar to the cloud. Learn how to tap into a new stream of revenue, appeal to new customers and turn existing ones into subscribers and then into loyal ambassadors. All with Cloudesire for retail solutions.

Why Do You Need Such a Solution?

Brick and mortar shops are significantly affected by digital disruption. Even online shops see high churn rates, more demanding customers and the need for portfolio enlargement. However, building a solution to tackle all these and integrating it with legacy systems is time-consuming and very expensive.

Cloudesire – the Solution for Modern, Agile Retailers

Cloudesire empowers you to transform the face of retail bridging the gap between digital and brick-and-mortar. “Web-to-Shop” as the transition as often been called. Cloudesire delivers all the capabilities you need to build and ship all the digital assets you can imagine, together with your trusted partners if desired, for your loyal customer base. Plus, you can push on your very well known storefront the digital assets you have just built with Cloudesire, as well as fulfill your existing distribution channels with the same digital assets for a quicker time to market.

This is what we call the power to innovate!

The Retail Marketplace Solution

Cloudesire offer a tested and secure cloud platform that allows you to  offer your customers the added value they need to subscribe to all the apps and services. No matter if you want it to happen through your website, you mobile app, or any other touchpoint you think is worth to exploit.

Complex issues like provisioning, licensing and entitlements are easily manageable with Cloudesire.

Our integrated solution has a complete merchandising and billing suite. This way, your customers can easily discover new services, use them, manage them, and buy new features or services quickly and easily.

Boost Your Revenue Margins by Reducing CAPEX and OPEX

Cloudesire enables you to significantly reduce your time-to-market costs and launch at the best time for you and your end users. Plus, when you launch it will be with a state-of-the-art cloud service brokerage technology, the most advanced one currently available on the market.

Don’t delay the launch of your marketplace.

Forget about the huge CAPEX you need to build your brokerage platform internally.

Reduce operational costs significantly by using Cloudesire’s economies of scale.

Rely on a solution that integrates billing, subscription, access, data management and more, seamlessly.

Save Time and Money by Never Integrating a Third-Party Vendor Again

With Cloudesire, all the tedious and costly work entailed by third-party vendor integration is simply gone. On top of that, we will greatly reduce all your operational costs by taking care of billing, syndication and security for you.

Increase Your Revenue Exponentially

In order to adapt and keep up with market demands, retail companies need to be proactive and offer more than a location-constraint brick-and-mortar shop. You need to be able to reach customers anywhere. Cloudesire empowers you to do that and much more:

Get a predictable new revenue stream from one of the fastest growing markets.

Boost your online user and customer base and your engagement.

Use your merchandising experience and expertise to sell your products through Cloudesire.

Drive more and more sales across your SKUs.