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Grow your software company from startup to IPO by monetizing your cloud services with Cloudesire.
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Grow your software company by monetizing your cloud services with Cloudesire. Easy to integrate with legacy systems, our API-based suite makes cross-selling, upselling and bundling new and old products a breeze. Plus, with our flexible pricing models, you can easily find the best fit for your business and for your end users.

Why Do You Need This Solution?

Cloud computing is more than hype now. It’s clear for everyone that it is a must-have and that it is here to stay. In this context, traditional distribution channels have become obsolete and today’s ISVs are faced with two major challenges: finding the best technology to support their subscription-based and on-demand models and determining which channel will drive the most sales and revenue.

Cloudesire – the Solution of ISVs of all Sizes

In the world of software, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every company is unique, with unique needs and complexities to manage. Cloudesire offers the flexible platform that ISVs need, empowering them with scalability, reach expansion and the freedom to experiment and innovate. All with minimal costs and risks.

How Cloudesire Works

Cloudesire is here to help you along every step of your growth. For startups, Cloudesire is an excellent way to find the elusive product-market fit and boost their sales through direct and indirect strategies. Emerging software companies can use Cloudesire to increase their products’ reach and scale them through reseller programs. Mature companies can use Cloudesire to explore new channels and routes, sell more apps and scale their partner programs. Additionally, they can build valuable ecosystems with third-party apps and services and thus complement their core offering.

Every company, irrespective of size, can take advantage of our endlessly customizable options and generate new revenue streams by easily introducing incremental services with its trusted partners when desired.

Product Lifecycle Management Made Easy

From version releases to updates, the entire lifecycle of services and apps can be managed across all types of hardware and all devices easily with Cloudesire.

Price Modelling at Your Fingertips

Choose the most suitable pricing model for your business. Change/add new ones whenever you need: monthly/yearly subscriptions, consumption-based billing, bundling, couponing, percentage or fixed discounts and more — all of them are ready to use and implement within your Cloudesire dashboard.

Get the Insights You Need to Grow Your Business

Our data visualization dashboards empower you with all the business insights you need to drive more sales and understand your customers’ needs better. Find all the key metrics: users, invoices, settlements, billing and more.

Get All the Help You Need

We encourage you to be autonomous and respect your decision-making right. But this doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own!

We are with you every step of the way to help you turn your cloud business into a smashing success. You will find all the resources you need in our Documentation Hub and you can also benefit from in-person consultations whenever you need them.

You can also benefit from our years of experience as well as from the knowledge of all our partners. We will always share with you the best practices that have demonstrated their success so you can accelerate your go-to-market time and drive revenue.