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Cloudesire helps you become the one-stop-shop for your clients that are looking for cloud-based services of any kind.
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Cloudesire helps you become the solution provider for all your clients looking for value-based digital assets, no matter if it’s your core offer or a blend of software and services that you are bundling to satisfy their priorities.

Why Do You Need Such a Solution?

In today’s competitive financial market, it’s becoming harder and harder for financial companies to delight customers and attract new ones. FinTech startups are claiming most of them due to their agility and innovative approach. In order to retain their customer base, financial institutions have to embrace technology and agility, offer diverse services and respond to their customers’ needs. Digital touch points and a diverse portfolio are also a must, but oftentimes hard to implement on legacy systems.

Cloudesire – the Ideal Solution for Financial Institutions of all Sizes

Due to their customer expertise and brand awareness, financial institutions have the chance to stay competitive. But, with FinTech startups growing their market share by the minute, this opportunity has to be seized as soon as possible. Since you can’t do everything alone, Cloudesire can help you understand the benefits of the cloud and translate them into a higher customer retention rate and a better customer acquisition rate. It’s never been easier for financial institutions to seamlessly become cloud services providers!

How Cloudesire Works

The Cloudesire platform is an end-to-end solution that helps financial institutions sell more than their core banking services. Add-on software products and third-party services, eventually bundled into digital assets, are a great way for financial institutions to boost their revenue and increase their customer base by appealing to new demographics.

Even more, Cloudesire is a one-stop-shop for every need financial institutions may have when stepping into the cloud era. Recurring revenue for business customers is made easy by our billing technology. Our platform enables financial institutions to launch a fully customized marketplace in as little as a few weeks, instead of the months or even years it may take to create one in-house.

Build Your Own Enterprise Ecosystem

The Cloudesire marketplace and partner hub enables you to create your own ecosystem of value-adding apps or services. Everything is 100% customizable and scalable, so you can monetize, update, manage or deliver new software or services anytime, on any device, through any channel. You are in complete control of the access to information and content. You can also easily manage roles, permissions, authentication and SSO capabilities from a single dashboard.

Get the Insights You Need to Grow Your Business

Our data visualization dashboards empower you with all the business insights you need to drive more sales and understand your customers’ needs better. Find all the key metrics: users, invoices, settlements, billing and more.

Unparalleled Security

Security threats are a constant fear today for businesses in every field. Your assets will be protected by our enterprise-grade security system: multi-factor authentication and baked-in architectural security are just two of the methods we use to make sure you are always safe. We are also compliant with standard privacy policies.