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We help you build a lucrative business without all the hassle of setting up your own marketplace.
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Reselling software can be very lucrative, but also quite challenging.
This is where Cloudesire comes into play: we help you build a lucrative business without all the hassle of setting up your own marketplace.

Why Do You Need Such a Solution?

The demand for cloud services is at an all-time high and is predicted to increase even more. However, in order to capitalize on this opportunity, distributors and value-added resellers have to overcome a lot of obstacles. Among the most notable of them are customer-oriented transactions and seamless integration.

Billing across multiple vendors and reconciliation, along with backend processes that have to be tackled manually stand in the way of revenue generation for VARs and distributors.

Plus, clients are changing their preferences often and VARs and distributors need to find ways to come up with appealing offers quickly. With the increased competition in the field also comes the need for turnkey, yet personalized services.

The Cloudesire Solution

What end users demand is seamless integration and one touch points to cater to all their needs. Conveniently, this is also what would overcome the obstacles in the way of VARs and distributors.

Third-party resellers can now integrate all the cloud solutions they offer into a single platform. Plus, Cloudesire also provides them with reconciliation and billing collected into one view, as well as with the automation of backend processes.

When the menial tasks are taken care of automatically and the storefront is attractive for end users, VARs can focus on their core skills: driving extra sales, boosting margins, offering great services and keeping their customers happy.

How Cloudesire Works

Cloudesire empowers VARs with a state-of-the art end-to-end platform dedicated to the resale of cloud apps and software. Distributors and VARs can select products from the Cloudesire comprehensive catalog (Box, Symantec, Google G Suite are just a few of the available products) or onboard proprietary apps or services that they can aggregate with other offers.

With Cloudesire, you can also bill for multiple apps and reconcile for them without leaving the platform. You have full control over margins, so you can easily bundle products together and come up with new discounts and attractive offers.