Cloudesire Official Documentation

Cloudesire is a cloud applications store that allows software vendors to sell and distribute their applications as Software-as-a-Service, in few minutes, by automating several expensive, mission critical and time-consuming tasks.


This section is intended to provide the software vendors updated documentation about the Cloudesire platform and its easy-onboarding functionality.

Platform Modules Description

A detailed description of the main platform modules, with Main Concepts explanations and a Glossary. This could be a good starting point for your reading!

Onboarding of Syndicated Apps

Do you want to integrate and sell your multi-tenant, already running on your cloud and SaaS-ready application? read this section!

Onboarding of Deployed Apps

Are you interested in onboarding and selling your application, self-provisioning it on a new VM for each customer? Read this section, we also support Docker Packaging!

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