CloudesirePosts Distributing all kind of SaaS, Service, and Digital Asset with ease

Distributing all kind of SaaS, Service, and Digital Asset with ease

It’s been more than a decade since the words of agility, scalability, and modernization were introduced by cloud computing software. It took a long time to establish the cloud’s presence and now, at the present time, it is associated with next-generation digital businesses. The cloud features and capabilities have enhanced the business style and the overall process over time. For example, Amazon, the world renowned online store gives 68% of the credit for its growth to cloud services and expects this percentage to increase exponentially by 2018. Similarly, the advertising agencies in Dubai have taken the same high road of using cloud management platforms to run their projects and applications. According to a study, 70% enterprise worldwide use cloud service and have at least one application running in the cloud.

There are multiple top performing cloud software like the BMC Software, Dell cloud, GigaSpaces technologies, Divvy Cloud, HotLink, Microsoft Azure, and so on. Each one of them is designed to offer amazing user experience. The Cloudesire suite is another amazing cloud management and monetization platform which makes it easy for the businesses to function. How do they facilitate the business? They do so by offering a white-labelled marketplace to the businesses to plan an amazing user experience.

Here is what a digital business and marketplace can enjoy with its own cloud management platform:


1. Customizable marketplace for the users

Coming up with a business idea is relatively easier, but initiating the program and running it is not. It requires the establishment of a platform, organization of the working tasks, and then forming the business’s online presence. But, the cloud platforms often offer a customizable marketplace. A place built after keeping in view all the technicalities and specifications and is a perfect user interface for browsing and purchasing the apps and products.

Other facilities that it offers include responsive and search engine optimized interfaces, multilingual features, ease of browsing the products via tags, categories and keywords, and product reviews and ratings. Even the branding agency Dubai direct towards such cloud computing programs to succeed in their marketing activities with the help of the already established marketplace.

2. The boost in the business’s revenue

The boost in the business’s revenue is seen when the high-cost back office expenses are saved by using an automation platform. A monetization platform, like a marketplace, gives you a complete market and you can change and upgrade the products and digital assets in it according to your choice. Because catalog is key for a marketplace! This allows easy selling or reselling of your products, increases the sales and so increases the revenue earned.


3. Extensive system administration control panel

Another amazing benefit of using such platforms for your business use is that you get control of the admin, from provisioning to billings to payments collection. You can look after the settings and see how you can change them for better results. The admin control panel gives access to the business graphs and analytics. Also, the product details are automatically updated and complete access to orders and user’s personal data is provided. These details are quite important when it comes to running and marketing a business. The cloud provider pricing configuration is also offered to the cloud user.


4. Channel management becomes easier

With cloud services, most of your processes are automated. From the order management to reconciliation, everything takes place on time and makes it easy to conduct business with channels partners. The overall efficiency of the process is enhanced.


5. Tracking, monitoring partners and easy analysis

The cloud dashboards offer amazing access to all the detailed reports on the business’s progress and of the partner. It is like it keeps a track of the activity and compiles a report that presents the up and down of the business. It helps improve SEO as well. The tracked information is analyzed and compared with the present practices. After weighing the results, the good practices are supported and the poor ones are cut down.


6. A smooth and adaptable billing system

The cloud environments tender an amazing adaptable billing system which enables easy billing configurations. As a client, you can look into inquiry usage and review your billing status. The automatically updated billing information, keeping in view the metered usage, makes it easy for the user to keep in check the price and allot only affordable budget to the cloud.

These are the multiple features that a cloud management environment offers to its clients. As all the infrastructure and programming is already done, the client is inclined towards paying attention to the business and succeeding in it.