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 I shoot bugs with crossbow. 



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 It’s always a cache problem. 



Java Dev & DB expert


 I make computers do cool things. 



Angular JS & Java Dev


 mh mh mh mh (mumbling) 


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[email protected] annuncia l'apertura di una nuova Region, AWS Europe (Milan). Il #cloud come motore dell’#innovazione in Italia, una spinta alla #crescita di #imprese e #startup, e un supporto alla PA centrale e locale. via @AWS_Italy

Warning, Traefik stickers ahead! ⚠️⚠️⚠️

#traefik #docker

Never imagined a world where
- Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems
- Microsoft acquired GitHub
- IBM acquired Red Hat

@gionn @containous @emilevauge @gaunilone 😀💖, @gionn...this is awesome! Grazie for sharing these photos & for speaking about #traefik. You look awesome & can’t wait to meet you someday! cc: @MichaelMATUR @emilevauge @ludnadez @DamienDuportal @geraldcroes @nicoMengin @juguul @daniel_tomcej h/t @ClouDesire

[slides] Thank you to @gionn for sharing his experience with @traefik while presenting at #Containerday 2018 Verona. Look what he did with Traefik! h/t @ClouDesire #docker #kubernetes #mesos

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