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Lead Dev & Devops


 I shoot bugs with crossbow. 



Angular JS & Java Dev


 It’s always a cache problem. 



Java Dev & DB expert


 I make computers do cool things. 



Angular JS & Java Dev


 mh mh mh mh (mumbling) 


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My session (italian language) about #traefik at @containerdayit is live!

👚 Would you like to have some @traefik goodies? Stickers, t-shirt? 👕 Please fill out this form, and we'll send some to you right away! 📭 #traefik

Kudos to the organizers, great conference, great food, great time. My updated slides and example code #idi2019 #traefik #docker #cloud #devops #opensource #golang

Live 📹at #IDI2019:
Giovanni Toraldo @gionn
"Introduzione a #Traefik"
#IncontroDevOpsItalia #conference #DevOps

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