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Lead Dev & Devops


 I shoot bugs with crossbow. 



Angular JS & Java Dev


 It’s always a cache problem. 



Java Dev & DB expert


 I make computers do cool things. 



Angular JS & Java Dev


 mh mh mh mh (mumbling) 


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Grazie al nostro bronze sponsor @EngineeringSpa 😍

Da oltre 40 anni Engineering è tra i principali attori della trasformazione digitale.

#IncontroDevOps #DevOps #IncontroDevOpsItalia #IDI

Firefox 89 slow on my xorg intel with modeset driver, workaround works for me

Stackoverflow is down (and also other major services due to @fastly) so no more programming in the world at the moment 🙂 and no emoji 🙁

An incomplete list of skills senior engineers need, beyond coding by @skamille

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