At Cloudesire, we aim to help businesses facilitate customer journey monetisation through cloud services and modern pricing solutions.

Our Vision

At Cloudesire, we aim to help businesses facilitate customer journey monetisation through cloud services and modern pricing solutions.

We know there is no one-size-fits-all in the cloud industry. This is why we provide customizable services and platforms. Your business model + our technology = your endless revenue streams.

Why the Cloudesire Solution?

There were  no single platform that service providers can implement and use to easily distribute any kind of SaaS, service or digital asset. The kind of solution today’s service providers need has to also offer all the pricing models preferred by end users, as well as the ability to deploy and provision across any cloud provider. To ensure the success of such a platform, the service provider has to also be able to leverage all his existing distribution channels, and activate new ones with ease .

As a provider, you create amazing services with excellent pricing. But what about distributing through and leveraging the right channels and thus monetizing existing or new customer bases?

This is where Cloudesire comes into play.

What We Offer

Cloudesire has developed a reliable and flexible platform that starts by dramatically cutting down on your time-to-market and your initial and long-term costs.

A few of the objectives we help you fulfill are: customer delighting and retention, share of wallet raise, customer base increasing, upselling, cross-selling and more. Plus, if you want, you can always distribute your services through your existing channels.

In a nutshell: we help businesses thrive by offering the right services to the right clients through the right channels. Thus, the Cloudesire partners increase their profit margins and generate multiple revenue streams easily.

The Company

Cloudesire is a global enterprise software company based in Pisa, Italy. The company was funded by a team of seasoned IT veterans whose tenure and accomplishments in management, entrepreneurship and academia provides a solid enterprise perspective. In 2019 the company was acquired by Engineering D.HUB.

Combined with a knack for innovation, our team can help service providers of any kind move forward in their customer monetisation and cloud adoption journeys.

Our customers can benefit from our entrepreneurial spirit that seeks the fastest path to value in today’s digital economy.

The Cloudesire suite is used by leading companies, like telcos and distributors, to enable brokering and monetisation of any kind of XaaS and Service, across any cloud, with any commercial arrangement; and optionally, enabling channel dynamics.


Eddy Fioretti has been active in the SaaS market as Head of Complex Projects and Business Development since the early 2000s. He joined Cloudesire as co-founder with the ambitious objective to close the gap among all the major players in the cloud value chain, from vendors to providers and distributors to end customers by solving the current technological complexities related to SaaS-ification while streamlining the go-to-market process.


With more than 20 year of experience, Andrea Vecchi is leading the vision with its R&D and production teams. He also takes care of networking with both partners and customers. Over the years, he has been developing a specific know-how in running complex R&D national and international projects in several fields: cloud computing, data and system integration, data mining, business intelligence and infomobility.

Our Story

From its very beginning, Cloudesire set out to solve a simple need: enabling any kind of software and service to reach its ideal market. The core technology was developed to distribute and sell any kind of applications across any cloud. It soon evolved into a suite that enables the rapid monetisation of existing and potential customer bases through offering any kind of services with any pricing models.

Actively applying research and innovation in multiple areas of cloud, DevOps, data, and strictly collaborating with enterprise-grade partners, we innovate every day to better serve the most modern customer journeys with scalable services that enable easy onboarding and distribution.

Our Home Town

Cloudesire headquarter is located in Pisa (Italy). With three world-famous universities, CNR, and a long-term scientific tradition, Pisa is one of the most relevant technological hubs in Europe. The perfect place to find and cultivate talents that aims at changing the world.